emClient Is Running But Not Visible

Recently, my office manager removed one monitor on a dual monitor system. Now, when she runs emClient, it clearly is running but is invisible. I am thinking that it is off-screen. If this is the case, then how can I reset the screen position of emClient?

Yes does sound like its possibly gone off the screen (left or right).

If you have Windows 10, try going to eg: “Start / Settings / System / Display” and try either temporarily making the “Display Resolution” larger to then hopefully see the mail client off the screen and move / drag it back, or try clicking the “Detect” button at the bottom which may then bring the screen and program back automatically with the same resolution.

Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, none of that works. I have contacted paid support to see if they can help me.

This is a standard Windows issue that the developers should address with code by being careful to check to see if the screen they are using is available.

Can you try this:

Close eM Client and change the desktop resolution.

Open and close eM Client.

Reset to original resolution and restart eM Client.

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Yes. That worked! Thank you!

Answer from support…

Is the application starting? Means can you see the icon in the task bar?

If so change your Windows desktop settings to a lower resolution.
Start eM Client.
Restart Windows and set the resolution back to normal.
Start eM Client.

I am travelling with my laptop only.
My EM client is visible, new mails also but calendars event are off-screen.
None of the above works.

well I suppose it will be solved when I get home and connect my second monitor, but frankly that’s an issue. :grimacing:

If the window is off screen, hover your mouse over the taskbar icon for that window until the empty thumbnail preview appears. Right-click in the preview and choose MOVE. Use your keyboard arrow keys to bring it back onto your screen.

If you can’t manage that, try the resolution switch I mentioned above.