eMClient does not send me all my email esp from those I get daily!

Hello Karen, can you please be a little more specific with the description of the application’s behavior? Are you seeing any errors thrown by the application? What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? What mail service are you using with eM client?

I don’t know about Karen’s exact problems, but her post title sums up my thoughts.
I’m using version 6.0.22344.0 and have recently swapped over from TB.
I’m finding eM client extremely slow, so much so I’m thinking I’ve made an unwise choice.

I have POP3 mail.

The most frustrating things are when you click on a mail header it takes awhile to think about it and then even longer for the body to swap from the last viewed to the one you select.
Moving from folder to folder and deleting emails is also exessively slow.
Thunderbird did all this instantly.  Can this be fixed in eM ?

The search feature is a ‘press search and go make a coffee’ kind of slow, but that I can live with as I don’t use it all the time.

I have the same experience.  I moved from Tbird because it was such a memory hog.  eM Client is more efficient in its use of memory, but still runs slow. For me this experience is not constant but rather intermittent.  One factor might be that I have a large number of mail accounts, some IMAP and some POP3, and a very large number of messages.  That might explain slow searches, but would not explain slow deletes or moving from message to message.

Hello, if you’re using a POP3 account, all your items should be available offline and thus improve search speeds, are you sure you’re not using an IMAP account - IMAP synchronises all your items with the server and using the default settings may need to download your data before it can display it for you.

How large is your current eM Client database?

Are you using search to search through the message content/body or only the message headers e.g. the sender/subject/recipient, etc.? If you have a large amount of data and use a body content search, the search speed may vary based on your search settings but header search should be efficient.

Can you please try to perform database repair using this utility and check if the issue persists, http://www.emclient.com/tools/dbrepairrebuildall.exe ?

Thank you,

I have got the same problem, using IMAP. It shows messages in bold in my inbox, but the reading window is empty and grey, the green bar on the bottom does not proceed to the end. If I double click (open) the message, I can read it.
I am new to EMClient and just swapped from pop to imap as this was recommended, changed it on Google as well.
So far, very disappointing. I assume there is something wrong in the setup?
Anybody who can help?

If you’ve just setup your account, note that the initial synchronisation may take a while as all you message headers are being synchronised with the client. Messages can’ automatically be marked as read until the message is fully downloaded, if other processes are still running it’s possible that the request for download times out before other parts of the synchronisation are finished.

If you’re using any security software on your computer, make sure no application blocks the connection or setup an exception for the client, as this can also cause synchronisation hangs etc.


I got the start of a green bar ‘hanging’, proceeding extremely slow. Probably for 20 minutes now. Unread: 6 Total: 569
How long does synchronization take? Using Imap, does it mean it is going to sync All mail from Gmail, starting at 2008? I do not need that. I just want to read my inbox of today . . .
Downloaded messages are all grey, no info. What do I need to do to be able to use this email client, as currently it is unusable and I might have to go back using Windows Life Mail and a pop account. I ran to database repair utl. No change.
Is there maybe a imap gmail setting incorrect?

While eMClient is open and loading or hanging, I now get a message ‘Operation’ Error, connection to gmail has failed?
My Internet is connected and meanwhile messages have been downloaded, I can see some of them. Is this to do with the ‘download time out’? How do I resolve this?

If an error occurs, please make a screenshot of the error and switch to the log tab for more details about the error, copy the content of the log and submit it to us here for more information.

IMAP keeps your items synchronised with the server, thus all available items on the server will be synchronised with your eM Client, by default the application only downloads the headers of your emails and only downloads the body of the message when you try to open the message.


Thanks Paul, I will log when it comes up again.

Feedback IMAP account at Gmail
After I installed eM Client is extremly slow and took 10-20 minutes to ‘get my email’. Obvious is was copying all my email from the Gmail server to my PC, emails since 2008. Why is it not automatically (or asking) the period? All I really need is the last 3 or 6 months. How can this be done.
After this first delemma, I started organizing my email with rules and the other great features of eM Client. Doing so, when I went into my Gmail account, everthing looked mashed up with labels and subfolders I created in eM Client, I got double folders of folder that I deleted in eM Client, and labels like ‘social’ and ‘promote’ that I do not want, and there is a folder call ‘Bin’ . . .?
Yes, I am new to IMAP, I love to find a manual that explains these folders and labels and how to get rid of these. I only want the folders and categories I created in eM Client. 
I guess all is a learning curve to a superior email client, but some clear documentation would be recommended as well as to prevent downloading all old, archived messages.

Hello Gerard,
just as Paul said, initial synchronization after installing eM Client will take a bit longer, but it should work faster after that. eM Client doesn’t automatically download all of your messages though, it only takes the headers - the only way it would download the whole message is if you checked the ‘Download messages for offline use’ option in the IMAP tag of Accounts settings.
The promotion and social labels are Google’s settings and we sadly have no power over it. But you can delete or hide any unnecessary labels in gmail yourself in the Settings > Labels tag.

Best regards,