eMClient is not updating gmail imap

According to eMClient my inbox is empty. I filtered most messages into other folders, then moved the rest into monthly archive folders (manually), and then made sure all messages in all folders were marked read.

My Mac mail server, also connecting to gmail imap shows 4000 unread messages and no messages moved to the folders.

My phone shows lots of unread messages (don’t know the count), and none of the messages moved to the folders.

I log into the gmail web app and it shows 306 unread messages and I don’t know how many total messages in the inbox.

I run Refresh all and it syncs and says all is done. This was after about 6 days of syncing and downloading everything on a fresh install.

It really seems like the eMC gmail interface is just broken. Just like I had commented in other threads.

Is there a way to force eMC to use gmail as IMAP only and not use its gmail interface for google’s pretend IMAP?

The smoking gun that something is not updating is the google webmail interface. The phone and Mac apps can get out of sync, but there’s not any excuse for google’s webmail system not to agree with eMC unless eMC did not update gmail properly when it was moving messages around and marking things read.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks to a comment and link to the details of google’s throttling by @Michal_Burger in another thread, this appears to be the result of Google’s bandwidth limits on gmail. If you exceed any of their thresholds it appears to block updates.

I have yet to determine whether eMC keeps up with these blocked changes and sends them later or if the local copy gets out of sync with gmail. Some updates did appear to be sent overnight, but the gmail web UI and eMC are still not in sync with each other. This may take a few days to see if the paltry 500 mb update limit from gmail is the culprit or if eMC is losing those updates and getting out of sync with gmail.

Yes from my own experience of using eM Client and Gmail, any new changes are always re-synced / re-sent (the next time) you go online even if they were limited / blocked the first time by Gmail.

Apart from the Google bandwidth limitation (as you mentioned above), the email synchronize / re-send time from eM Client to the Gmail server end is then only limited by your connection speed.


I’ve since upgraded to Enterprise/Pro, mainly so I can open a ticket and get real support since I really want this to work. I’m just waiting a couple of days to see if things stabilize after a couple of days before I open a ticket.

At this point eMC is still not updating gmail. This means the Inbox on gmail is full of messages (and also on Mac and my phone as the 3 of them are in sync with each other), however the messages I’ve moved to folders on eMC are not showing up as moved. The only good thing is that message read status does seem to be updating, though not consistently.

For example, eMC says I have no unread messages in Inbox, with about 6 messages. However All Mail is showing 61 unread. Going to gmail (browser) it says I have 44 messages unread, with 48 messages in the inbox. One interesting thing is that there is a message in gmail (browser) from Qlik that is not in eMC. Actually now that I open the message in the browser, now it just showed up in eMC. eMC is set to sync every 10 minutes, and the operations window shows it’s completed everything (nothing syncing), yet that message arrived 20+ minutes ago.

So clearly there are still some sync issues with eMC and gmail. On the other hand, I’ve added several other accounts (real IMAP and not gmail). Amazing how real providers work - 12 gb mailbox downloaded completely in about 12-20 hours (i don’t know when it finished exactly), and it’s staying in sync for everything. So it’s only gmail integration that has issues.

I’ll give it another couple of days to see what happens. Clearly there are issues still. And it’s looking less and less like throttling at this point. But I’ll wait a couple of more days to be sure.

@gsy Sounds like eM Client is still synching / updating Gmail (all mail / labels) somewhere. Yes id just give it more time.


sadly, no. the main sync and downloads are completed. the updates seem to be finished as well. It is appearing that eMC is just not behaving as expected now.

For example, rules to manage incoming messages are not getting applied despite being configured to apply when message is received. Instead I have to right click on the gmail Inbox and click Apply Rule and follow the dialogs, and only then are the messages processed and moved to the right folders and marked read.

However - those changes are NOT made on the gmail server itself. This means my phone does not get the update nor does the Mac. So now I still have the Mac, my phone, and the gmail web UI in sync with each other, but eMC is in its own little world.

Some messages I read or mark as read on eMC do update the read status on gmail, but not in any discernible pattern that I can determine (yet). And some messages get tagged for the new folder, however the Inbox tag is not removed (i.e. the message is copied and not moved).

The Operations window is showing normal syncing, download, and update operations periodically as messages arrive and/or I read them or move them.

I now have 4 accounts active. The only account not staying in sync so far is gmail. We have the business gmail service and our admin looked to see if I were tripping any alerts or flags and nothing is showing up. It appears it just doesn’t work reliably.

I’m going to err on the side of caution, give it another day, and if it’s still doing this tomorrow I’ll start opening tickets with the issues.

In the meantime, I’ve basically given up on windows email and got a new Mac. I’m waiting to set the Mac up because I want to give eMC every chance to get it right, and I want to test how long it takes the Mac to get everything downloaded. eMC took 6+ days.

@gsy Do you have any (optional) Firewalls or Security programs , Antivirus programs, VPNs running in Windows 10.

Sometimes optional programs like the above have been known to interfere with email clients connecting / synching properly.

If you do, try disabling those temporarily to test.


No, nothing on the windows machine. I do have some network protections, but I know they don’t interefere as none of the other clients have issues.

I just opened a ticket about the rules not applying on incoming messages (have to manually apply the rules).

If things are still not syncing by Monday I’ll open a ticket about that as well. By then it should have been able to sync. We are now what, 9 to 11 days into trying to get email 100%? The good news is I’m able to use it now. So far so good. Even if it does make my phone a mess whlie it’s out of sync.

Well today starts off kind of interesting…

Two things of note. All of a sudden the rules seems to be working and messages from Sunday/Monday moved into their folders. I didn’t have to click Apply Rule manually for them to move.

Second, a co-worker noticed that imap to gmail was running noticeably faster than it was last week.

I’m wondering if google/gmail rolled out some upgrade over the weekend and in the process fixed the move folder issue I was having.

Ugh! And just that quickly the old behavior is back! I’m getting messages filling up my inbox again because the rules either didn’t fire or didn’t move the messages like they should have… sigh.