eMclient is deleting my emails older than 14 days?

All emails which are older than 14 days disappear automatically. Does anybody have an idea how to access the older emails? I sifted through the settings but I don’t find a solution. Please help me.

I’d check the settings on your email server, just in case it’s the culprit.

Thank you. I checked the settings on my email server but I don’t know what to change. Everything seems perfect. But it’s right, on the email server the emails aren’t either. But the problem started after installing the eMclient. It’s weird.

Hello, are you using a POP or an IMAP account with eM Client? If you’re using eM Client with a POP3 account, note that the default server settings may require to remove items from the server that are older than X days, however the default number would be 30 days. Check if you don’t have this option in enabled in Tools > Accounts > Your account > POP3, if not, please make sure that you’re not using any auto archiving features on your server.

If you’re using IMAP, all your items should be synchronised across your devices, e.g. if you remove an item on one of your devices or the webmail it will be removed from other devices as well.