Emclient installing path

Hi folks,
just installed last update 2751 over 2703 and now i see something as follows (on win10 64bit).
At pc idle, after the installation starts, appears a small dialogbox which says something as “emclient is installing” or whatever.
Well, the dialogbox stays on screen for 1 second more or less, after goes away and you realize emclient is installing just from the hdd led activity, nothing more on screen which keeps you away from the temptation to double click again with the mouse.
If the dialogbox stays more on screen, maybe the user can feel more comfortable.

BTW: to be completely honest, EMC is the slowest program to start and to install i’ve ever seen from many years.
Despite this, EMC is the “new kid in town” which offers something really new and many of us can spend a bunch of time to take a trial with it.