emClient in an intranet

Hello team,
I’m testing emClient in a restricted intranet.
A phoning home software is no option for us so we disabled the DNS resolver for the azure cloud emClient servers. We went offline after 14 days of use (not yet buyed).
Is there a way to stay online even if emClient is not able to contact your servers? This will affect our decision wether to buy or not.
btw: updating is our administrator’s duty. So if this is an aspect for emClient online restrictions there should be an override option.

Hi, eM Client needs to be able to contact it’s licensing server, if the application is unable to contact the server for 14 days, the application will switch to offline mode.

If you want to use the application on your protected network, you would have to make sure the application able to access Port 80 or http://licensing.emclient.com/ .