EmClient - how to change password

No longer have access to my hotmail account (on my PC) using EmClient
Do not know previous password
When I open EmClient, a box comes up asking for password
All attempts have failed
Would now like to set up new password so that I can have access to my account again.

You can no longer use username/passwords to connect to Microsoft hosted accounts.

See: Microsoft disables Basic authentication for all accounts | eM Client

You will need to enter the password in the browser part of that setup. If you have lost it, there should be a way on the email provider’s website to reset it.

I am with Virgin Media and I have set up a new password.
Have used this new password to access EmClient - no joy

Does Virgin Media use Hotmail?

If they do, as I said above you can’t use username/passwords to access your account. Please see the link I provided above that gives more details of what to do.

Many other providers have also moved to modern authentication methods. So even if the account is not hosted by Microsoft, they may not accept passwords either. Just follow the same instructions.

Virgin Media has its own mail system
All was well till yesterday and then it stopped working
I was asked to provide password by EmClient but this was not accepted

Will look at link provided

Then why did you say you have no access to your Hotmail account?

Is that a separate issue?

Have been able to set a new passwrd on EmClient and so I have access to my emails again
Thanks for your help