EMClient has no valid licence

Hi, hopefully someone can help.

I upgraded my wife’s pc with a new CPU, Motherboard, DDR4 and a NVME drive a couple of weeks ago. Before I swapped them over I backed up EMClient (free) on her old pc and put the backup on a USB stick to transfer to her new PC once Windows 10 and the drivers etc were installed. Once the pc was up and running I transferred the backup to her new pc, downloaded and installed the latest version of EMClient (free version) and restored from the backup.

Everything was running fine until a few days ago when everytime she launched EMClient it gave a popup saying there was no valid licence and no longer downloads her emails. I clicked on the licence section and it says trial licence, which is strange. I clicked on reactivate and re-entered her licence details which seemed to go fine and it downloaded her new emails. This now happens everytime she launches EMClient. I tried to get a new licence for her but of course you can’t as you are limited to one licence per email address but it did direct me to her current licence which I wrote down just in case I made a mistake. I deactivated the licence in EMClient and then clicked on reactivate and entered her licence key but it still comes up as a expired trial. I can’t deactivate it on her old pc as I securely wiped the SSD. Why after years of using it on her pc with no problems at all does it suddenly no longer work? Is there any way to get her a new free licence please?

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I would send the description of the problem to [email protected]

I will give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

All sorted, many thanks.

I have the same problem.
How to fix it?

Have you tried to take the path that appears to have resolved it for another person in this thread?

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No, not yet.
Shall I ask for this to “[email protected]

That would be my suggestion… but I would also suggest that you supply more information than just


Good luck…

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Thank you, the remedy was to write them as you indicate.
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Kind regards.