Emclient freezing upon first open attempt

v9.2.1577 but its been happening for a few weeks now. When I first boot Window (7x64) and start emclient, it hangs. That is, it shows the launch dialog box but doesn’t go any further. task manager shows no activity. I have to force quit and restart, and emclient repairs the databases and starts normally. Its reproducible, but I don’t know which logs would help diagnose this. I have tried uninstall, reinstall from fresh download, but that hasn’t cured the issue. I have three IMAP accounts, one google calendar and one exchange account.

viernes 10 marzo 2023 :: 1453hrs (UTC +0100)

I note you are running Win 7 so I have to ask what is the exact specification of your computer?
1./ Type and size of main drive
2./ Amount of RAM
3./ Processor
4./ Is eMC set to auto start on PC Boot?
5./ Anything else set to auto start on Boot?
6./ As a test have you tried disabling Anti Virus & VPN if used?

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  1. SSD 256 GB, but there are other drives in system.
  2. 16 GB
  3. AMD Phenom x6
  4. No - I start it manually after I login, within about 30 seconds.
  5. AV (Windows + malwarebytes), a messaging app, PDF printer (just a systray icon), onedrive.
  6. No - but I can do that… will reply.