eMClient freeze on startup while syncing contact

Hello all,
I have been using trial version for about a month and have three more days to go then i plan to pruchase the Pro version. However this morning when i open eMClient it freezes while syncing Google contact and i have to kill it with task manager ( screenshot attached ). So i am in a viscous loop and have no way to disable contact sync without running eMClient whereas eMClient will freeze during startup.

My questions are:

  1. How to disable google contact sync without starting eMClient  ?
  2. Is this a Google problem or eMClient problem ? anyone experiencing the same issue ?

I am experiencing the same error, but without the freeze.  I am able to use the settings in eM to stop syncing the contacts.

Could it be Google change something recently ?

If nobody has changed anything in eM Client and multiple people are seeing the same thing, I would bet on it being a Gmail issue.  Have patience, I’m sure it’s a transitory issue.


We are aware of this error. It’s a problem on the Google Contacts’ side so hopefully it’s just temporary and they will fix it soon.


yes thanks everyone, i think it’s confirm a google issue.i am seeing apps that sync to google contacts having the same issue popping up all over the web.

Same issue “google contacts sync issue” 

Google seems to be having issue with some of its servers.  Patience…