emClient for several terminal server users + licence manager


we have several remote desktop users on 3 terminal servers. In my emclient licence manager i can only see 3 activated acounts - i purchased the business pro version for every user (75). But everytime a user starts the emclient in his remote session, he kicks out the user who has started the emclient before - in simple words: the activated machine is always the same, but the users are changing (i can identify that by the indicated email address in the emclient licence manager)
The clients are working fine for every single user in their environment. Even if they get kicked out in the licence manager, the program works fine.

But my problem is, that i can´t assign specific server rules for a group of users. That was the initial reason to buy the business pro version.

So I contacted support and the answer was to set a registry switch:

Name: UseLocalProfiles
Value: 1

in the location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\eM Client

That done and with the hint, that i only can apply this, if there is no database folder in the roaming profile. I deleted every data in the %appdata%\roaming\emclient and %appdata%\local\emclient folders.
So I started with a “fresh” emclient in my remote session and re-set-up all the email accounts and settings.

But with no result. The licence manager still shows 3 activations - the 3 terminal servers.

Does anyone have experience with setting up the emclient for several terminal users and manage them in the emclient licence manager?

That is because licenses are per device, not per user. Once you activate a license on a device, all user accounts on that device will use the same activation.

You won’t be able to assign license manager server settings unless the users are activated on separate devices.