eMClient for Outlook?

import files (full backup) of eMClient for Outlook!?

importing to Outlook would be functionality of Outlook not eM Clent.
You can export your data to files and then import them in Outlook from your file system.


Milos Kovalcik.

Unfortunately eM Client doesn’t not have a full working export. You can only export to .eml file which will be recognised by any version of Outlook. Alternatively you can select the e-mails or contacts and that click and drag to an folder which eM client will crate the .eml, .vcard that you selected. (You can also try drag them directly to Outlook and see if it works… sorry, I gave up on Outlook since 2000 wouldn’t know if it works).

Calender however would be a problem. Your only work around for this is to sync all your calender to Google calender or similar, than sync them back to Outlook.

BTW, you can’t expect eM Client to export to an Outlook format, since Outlook format is a proprietary of M$.