eMClient for Android

If you set a password for eMClient Android, does it also apply to your Desktop version or just the Android version on your phone?

Currently any questions on the Beta mobile apps are to be sent to [email protected]

To answer your question though, if you mean a password “to initially open the app”, I would say that same app password “wouldn’t apply to the desktop”, due to the password is locally stored in the mobile app / device and not server based.

Thanks for your reply cyberzork.
I wasn’t aware that the app was still in Beta, being released back in February I thought 8 months it would now be out of being a Beta app.

Ooops! I went off a bit prematurely.
I was using the app and it was logging me straight into my email account, I got a bit freaked out that anybody who got my phone would be able to do the same.
I totally forgot that they would have to first unlock my phone, before being able to read the emails.

See the latest update blog on the eM Client Beta app for Droid and iOS as of the 15th August.