eMclient error unable to forward any message


I am unable to forward any message due to this error message. Can someone help.

Have you imported any templates from Outlook? If so, try to re-create the template in eM Client and let me know if that helped.

No I have not imported any templates. I use Windows Live Mail and not Outlook.
I have created a new signature it has no images.

I have run CCleaner to remove some recently installed software from CNET and I have accidentally deleted XMPP. How can I reinstall XMPP required by eM Client.

I am sorry, but I do not understand. Could you tell me how exactly you deleted XMPP? Do you mean you deleted a chat account from eM Client?

In Control Panel there was a program by name XMPP. As I thought it was a virus I choose uninstall.

You do not need it - chat in eM Client should work without any problems even if you do not have the XMPP application.

But my original problem remains I am unable to forward mails with attachments.


and what version do you have (Help - about)?


Version 6.0.18703.0 pls,




please send me screenshot here of your re-created signature.

also because of this screenshot check if that .jpg file is really there, this folder address seems very weird.