EMClient does not handle hidden IMAP folders correctly. It syncs them all.

EMClient does not allow the exclusion of certain IMAP folders from syncing. The option is to hide them but this is not unsubscribing them. Even though they are hidden, they nevertheless sync. Those emails can be seen in the SMart Folders ALL INBOXES folder and if ‘more’ is clicked in the IMAP folders they can be seen as well.
It is imperative to have this option instead of showing archived and stored email folders.  I found an old thread which said this is a server side responsibility. This is nonsense. WLM has a subscribed and unsubscribed option and it does not download or show unsubscribed folders. I am testing EMClient and this is a showstopper for me. 

Rather than posting your proposals as Problems, post them as Ideas. That way other users can vote on them, and if enough interest is shown, they may be considered for future releases.

This idea was already proposed, but I don’t recall it getting much interest. The best option is configure which folders are available for IMAP through your email server.

My email (Fastmail) is IMAP only. I use Outlook on my Desktop for much of the email and Outlook allows subscription for certain folders. I use WLM (and trying EMClient) on my laptop for the other folders so that is not an option even if my server had the option, which it doesn’t. 
Most email clients (Outlook; WLM; Thunderbird among them) allow subscriptions. I thought it was a basic function of IMAP support

em Client is not a clone of WLM, MS Outlook or Thunderbird.