eMClient does not download all of my emails

I use emClient on my desktop PC and also on my laptop.


  • WinXP
  • 2 accounts:
    halmai at sol dot cc dot u-szeged dot hu
    halmai at lapcom dot hu


  • Win7
  • 1 account:
    halmai at lapcom dot hu

I want to read my emails coming to my lapcom account mainly on my laptop but just to be informed, I download them to my PC too. Therefore both emClients are set up in a way that they are leaving the emails on the server so the emails are not deleted at all and I can read them on both of my computers. Morover I can read them via lapcom webmail as well.

My problem is that it occurs very often (1-2-3 times per week) that my desktop+XP downloads an email but the same email is *not* downloaded by laptop+Win7. How can it be? This is a serious problem because I use mainly my laptop for that account, desktop PC is just my “second” computer from this point of view. It would be very important to find out why some of my emails disappear.

How can it be that the same email is donwloaded by the PC and the same email is not downloaded by the laptop?

I use filter rules but the vanishing emails are not moved into any other folders and the rules do not delete emails at all. They are not in junk mail folder and they are not in Trash folder. They are not anywhere at all. I tried to search for them by Edit => Find => All folders, but I can not find thoise mails at all.

After desktop PC has donwloaded such a mail and laptop says there is no new mail, I can still see the mail via webmail.

I would like to check if emclient downloaded that mail and later lost it or did not download it at all but I can not check because the feature I requested is still missing:

How can I discover where the problem is coming from?

I use the newest emclient version: 3.5.12280.0

Is anyone reading this?

in order to resolve this issue we need your network communication logs from both your computer and your laptop. Go to menu Tools -> Settings -> Logging,
enable Network communication and restart eM Client -> try to simulate the issue and send us logs using the same logging settings window.
But you should not use secure connection - if you will use it, we will not be able to read your logs properly.


George Wilson
eM Client

Unfortunately to much log file is created so I do not use logging every day. It was turned off today as well.

This morning emclient was not running on my desktop PC because I was not at home. A partner of me sent a mail which was not downloaded by the laptop so the problem seems to be independent from the desktop pc.

If I switch on the logging the You will be able to read from it how emC communicates with the server and probably You will see how it is not downloading that mail. Is this logging enough for You or You need the *first* attempt of downloading of that mail?



Today I have again this problem. I have several mails in my mailbox, I can see them via webmail but emclient does not know anything about them, it is saying that there is no new mail.

I can not trust emclient now! :frowning:

What should I do? Should I produce and send tons of logfiles to You? Or would the newly created ones be enough?

What should I do with my password? If it is not necessary then I would like not to send it in the logfile, except if it is really needed. What’s Your advice?

send us the newly created logs only - it should help us as well. Please send it directly to me: [email protected] I can assure you, that your privacy will be preserved.

Thank You, I really trust You, but if it is possible to avoid sending such confidential data the I try to avoid it.

I managed to investigate this issue a bit. I realised that loosing email occurs usually when some email downloading fails before. Let me explain it a bit deeper.

My desktop PC uses a wired connection and my laptop uses GSM based mobile internet. The latter one is very slow sometimes and it can even loose connection during the fetching period, while emClient downloads emails from the mail server.

In order to find some bug trace, I installed Thunderbird as well. I can claim that TB looses no mails and it downloads emails much faster than emClient does. (This is not a blame, just a comparison.)

Well, if emClient starts to download an email with huge attachment (1-2MB) then my connection breaks down quite often. By the way, being emClient so slow, the probability of this break down is even higher. Realising this, I press F5 in order that restart fetching. This occurs several times up till I manage to get my email with big attachment. Now, emClient tries to download the remaining mails residing on the mail server. But it somehow thinks that the following 1-2-3 mails were downloaded already so it continues with the 2nd-3rd-4th one (or so).

In a nutshell, it seems that unsuccessful attempts of downloading my big email increases a counter which tells how many subsequent emails should be skipped. I know that this sound silly but the symptom is something like this.

The error is really hard to reproduce because the network connection should be interrupted in a very specific moment to cause this behaviour.

I have the same problem and with only one account. It is a bookkeeping account and I can’t send my logs either. But it is very disturbing. I really need this to stop. HELP! I

Sorry my problem is that I see the list of emails as they are being downloaded then when the process is done, none of the mail is there. I even deleted the account from EM client and then re-added it. Same thing. There are no rules about this in my rules.This is very serious. I loved EM Client but this is unexeptable.

Contact me directly at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.

That is why I asked a useful wannabe-feature for such cases:


Unfortunately that request is also refused, however, it is really a must-have feature.