Emclient didnot more synchronize mails/folders with my mail service OVH


I am very confused. I use eM Client for my professionnel e-mail account provided by OVH). I was looking for something else on ovh webmail when I discovered that many emails and folders available in my eM Client were not in OVH webmail. How to fix it pls ?

Here is screenshot to show you the problem :

In my EM client, in folder 2. PROJECT, what I see :

In OVH webmail (and other e-mails clients so) :

The folder A. Et la vie is not here. In OVH interface, there are somes folders with old names which has been modified since.

Thank you for your help.


You can look in Menu > Tools > Operations and see if there are any IMAP errors listed in the Log tab.

Thank you Gary for your answer and your time.

I probably cleaned the “error” journal one day, nothing is in right now. if IMAP errors, how do i repare all of these ?


Well, it would be useful to see the error, otherwise kinda difficult to give a solution.

As a Pro License user you can always open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to analyse other logs and find the problem.