Emclient did not close properly message

Hey, I see this issue has been marked elsewhere as ‘Solved’ but it hasn’t for me! I’m getting same message . . . I goto underlined icons on my taskbar (not the top-right X option) to close my various Windows 10 programs. Interestingly emclient icon is underlined now that I’m logged in for this blog but it doesn’t get underlined if I’ve opened emc for everyday email downloads. Can you please check why it isn’t? Rider: The non-underlined icon seems to apply when Emclient is minimized and I feel it should be underlined both whether program is maximised or minimized Gracias


eM Client have specific settings which can affect how application reacts to minimize button.
Could you please check in Menu>Tools>Settings>General whether “Minimize application to tray” or  is ticked?
If it is then this behavior is normal.
Please let me know if it helped.

It may be me but I’ve found the reverse gives me the result I want ie I’ve UNticked minimize to tray . . . Now, whether emclient is maximized or minimized  the emclient icon on my windows 10 taskbar is underscored and I can right click on it to close the program. (Of course you may wish to verify Anthony)

Sorry If my answer was confusing, unticking this option should result in behavior that you described in last answer.
So if this option was ticked before, it explains why you had this “issue”.
Do I understand correctly that now it behaves like you expect?

Yes Anthony - unticking the minimize to tray box has enabled the emclient icon on Windows 10 taskbar to be underscored when the app is open in either in maximized or minimized mode. Incorrect program close messages are now a distant memory. Job done!

Great, I’m happy to help.
Have a nice rest of your day.