eMClient Crashes Frequently

I had bought a pro subscription of eMClient 08. It was working smoothe until last year. Something happened in Jan 22, and now the client keeps crashing so frequently at random instances like searching for a mail, opening attachment, clicking on reply. It’s difficult to point any reason.

I went through some threads that suggested uninstalling and then re-installing it , with and without Database back-up. Tried all, yet the problem persisted. Ultimately, i have uninstalled the Version 08 and installed Beta version of 9.0 with a hope that it brings some respite to this agony of repeated crashing.

Can the support team assure me if it’s the right approach?

Being as you chose to install the BETA v9 version, any issues you encounter needs to be reported to testing@emclient.com.

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If you are opening a database program, which this is, and it keeps crashing, when it didn’t there are some common issues to check:

  1. you can run a database repair: C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe /dbrepair will force a database repair. Something in the data could be a problem.
  2. Pause your antivirus and any other program you imagine could possible be running in the background and interfering with things.
  3. You say it is random, but it isn’t, it just appears random. Being truly random is difficult for computers to do. So, if you have multiple IMAP accounts, you might backup, and even copy your local folders and then delete the account. Did that account cause the problem?

The idea is to whittle things down to fewer and fewer variables until you find the culprit. clearly, if it had been working, it is not simply the computer. You might also check your hard drive (or ssd), with a full scan. This will require you to restart and then the chkdsk program will run before windows starts up.

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Steveshank I tried to run your code to repair the database. It does not work - stops after the first program .
I’m wondering why eMClient should crash continuously when running in the background - clearly something in the code breaks and I suspect it is when emClient tries to check for mail and another program is already using the network. Surely the program should be able to handle this sort of conflict without crashing; there are always other programs and services accessing the network in the background and none of my other programs crash like that.