Emclient Contacts folders in Outlook

I have several folders of contacts that are all part of the top Contacts folder. When I view that folder in Outlook I can see the group name but I cannot see the entries in that sub folder

If you open one of the contacts in eM Client, you will be able to see where it is saved. If the folder starts with Local Folders , then it is local and not synced with your online service, so you will not be able to see that contact in another email client.

If it is not local, login to your account using the provider’s web interface. If you can see the contacts there, then eM Client is syncing correctly with the server.

The contacts are not in the local folders. 
There is no structure to the folders in Outlook - the folders appear to be only 1  only  single level. If I look in the top level folder the sub folder names are there but it is only the name.
So I assume the problem is with the way that Outlook syncs the contact folders

I couldn’t comment on MS Outlook. What does it look like in the web interface for your account, and who is the provider?

The problem I have is due to trying to set up email on an android tablet. Most apps seem only to use the local contacts app. Outlook only appears to sync the email addresses attached to the top level folder nothing from the subfolders. I will contact the Outlook support - Thanks for your time