EMclient chat not working at all.

Hello…just wondering…I am new to EMclient…I cannot seem to activate any chat services the “services/transports” is greyed out.
Can you please advise?

Hello Marshall, this may be due to inability of setting up a transport with your chat service, not all chat accounts are able to discover and setup transports, what chat service are you using? AOL?

Aol? Skype and msn. I think all 3 may now not be compatible with EmClient …

Me too, my email server is Merak Icewarp. It connects succcesfully but does not allow to see any contact at all. Can anyone provide  a step by step process?

Skype services are not available in eM Client, Skype has deprecated it’s support for chat with third party applications and you can only use Skype within the native application. MSN is supported via transports, but the availability of Transports depends on your chat server, you could for example register a Jabbim account (a Jabber service) that allows transports for use with MSN or others, not Skype however.

Hope this helps.

IceWarp chat feature supports transports, are you able to see chat contacts when using the IceWarp webmail? Are you able to add and authorize new contacts within eM Client?