EmClient Can't Create Folders, and restart Empty

I have a problem, I am in DreamHost, and the emClient works nice, it’s the better email client I have had, but it give me continuous errors like this:

[email protected]: An error ocurred
[IMAP] Unable to create folder “[email protected]/Trash/” on the server
(Unknown namespace.)

An when I restart emClient all folders are empty…

Please help me I don’t want to use Thunderbird, I want emClient!

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

Nobody helps me? There’s someone out there!?

Try changing your id from [email protected] to something other than an email address. The account setup will still have the email address, but rename the ID for example:
[email protected] changed to jack … folder create errors go away.

In your case, [email protected] might become ContactYouTo

I had the same problems with Dreamhosts.

Worked for me! Thanks a lot Mark!