EmClient Calendar do not syncronize Tasks of Google Calendar

I am a new user of eM Client. I would like to know how can I synchronize the TASKS of the Google Calendar with my Calendar in eM Client. All other Google Calendars are well synchronized; this is the only one that the system do not synchronize (I see the tasks on the Agenda, but not in the Calendar).

Hello, I am having the same issue. When I am trying to set up a Google Task from Google Calendar Web (or using the Google Tasks app on a Android mobile), the task doesn’t get synced to the emClient Calendar and it only syncs to the emClient Tasks. And I would like to know if this is an emClient Issue or if it’s just something that it’s not supported yet on emClient. I see on my Web Google Calendar both tasks and calenders entries but on a emClient Calender, I am only able to see calender entries. I appreciate some help. Thanks 4 your time.

That is what is supposed to happen. Tasks sync to Tasks, not to Calendar.

Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. I fully understand what you say. Tasks sync to tasks. But with Google Calendar Web (or mobile), tasks sync to both Google tasks and to Google calendar as well (you can have your personal calendar and tasks calendar enabled together, so in this way, you have both calendars together working and everything in a sight. And my question was before if you can have in the eMclient calendar, both “Personal” and “Google Tasks” entries together at a sight, just like in Google Calendar. Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Tasks do not sync to the Calendar; they sync to Tasks. Therefor you cannot display them in the Calendar.

What you can do, however, is display both tasks and events in the right side-bar Agenda.

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Thanks so much for your reply, you helped me.
I can now be able to arrange myself with my daily agenda within eMClient.
Many thanks and have a nice day,

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