Emclient beta 10 fails to run

Using the 10 beta build and had not run the software for a month. Tried starting it on Win10 22H2 here and I can see the emclient32 start up in the processes but it eventually disappears after a couple of minutes. I see no splash screen at all. This computer had just been started up.

Try uninstall it and “don’t delete the database” when asked on the uninstall wizard.

Then download the latest V10 Beta from the release history page and reinstall.

I got eM Client to run I just had to try starting it probably 10 times before it started up properly. I updated it to the March build.

When can we expect the stable final version 10 of your program?

I´m on an MBP M1 Sonoma 14.4.1 it’s almost stable 5k+ contacts and 100k+ mails from Kerio using exchange
also several imap accounts