eMClient app opening automatically with Firefox?

I am going to my parents after work and my Dad asked me to look at his laptop. He says that when he opens Firefox, it is opening his eMClient app automatically. This is a new (6 months or so) Dell laptop with Windows 10. When I set it up for him, I downloaded the free eMClient app since the Windows Mail app did not appear to support pop mail with .pst files. I wanted to check to see if this is a known issue. I am at work, so I cannot yet check the eMClient version number. I see there was a new version released recently. I’m not sure if his might have updated and that has something to do with it. Thanks in advance.

Opt out on Menu-tools-settings-General. Uncheck box that says “run on windows start up”

Yep…found it last evening…very quickly actually. The Firefox thing was just a coincidence. He is 86 God bless him. Thank you for your reply, Lu Ann.