eMClient and O365 outlook shows different inbox content

I have done some post-summer cleaning in an outlook/365 mail account.
Moved a lot of e-mails to sub-folders and created rules in outlook/365 to do that automagically.
But in eMclient, nothing has happened to my inbox. It still shows e-mails that was moved to other folders.
I tried to do a “repair” on my inbox, but it had no effect.

How do I syncronize to make eMClient show the correct content ?

Normally the repair mail acct option would fix that if it was a local cache issue in eM Client.

However as that didn’t work,the only other option would normally be to “remove and readd the mail account” in eM Client.

Apart from removing and readding your mail account, you could alt just manually move those emails still showing in eM Client Inbox to the Outlook / 365 folder / label you want it to go to, and then for future maybe setup “Local Rules” in eM Client to do that instead of your online rules.

To setup Local Rules go to "Menu / Rules” (Pc) or “Tools / Rules” (Mac). At the top of rules, you can select between Local or Server rules.

Well, I did not spend much time, and took another approach.
I exported ALL settings to an XML file, which I imported in the new installation.
Downside is that i have to sync all mail.
(I do have a backup of all my accounts)