emClient adding trackers into urls

A day nor so ago I got an email from EDF, asking me to send them my gas and electricity meter readings. Nothing unusual there, I get them every few months. When I clicked on the “send now” button ublock origin blocked the url. It appears that it had a tracker “.awstrack.me/L0/” stuck on the front of EDF’s own URL. This seemed a bit odd, EDF don’t need to do this as I’m about to connect to them anyway. So, I reread the email using VM, an email client running inside emacs on one of my linux systems. Susrprise, surprise, the tracker stuff wasn’t in the email sent by EDF. Hovering over the button clearly shows it inside emClient. So, why is emClient adding this tracker, and how do I turn it off? And don’t tell me VM cleverly removed it, linux email clients don’t do that sort of thing: what you see is what you got.

Are you referring to the new eM Client Pro email tracking feature where “some sender emails” have within them email tracking which you can enable or disable that option ? By default it’s blocked.

(eM Client Pro


eM Client now offers options to block Email Tracking in the mail privacy setting and if detected, will not by default download any content that could be used to track you.

You will see this confirmation in the information bar under the message header: