emClient 8 Too Many issues

When I use Send Later function and Unreplied it keeps crashing around 25 times per day, mostly without showing the error window

You could try an uninstall/reinstall if you feel comfortable doing so… use caution so as not to delete the database; doing a backup would not hurt.

I did it several times, didn’t worked… emclient 8 is crashing when is a little overloaded

Hmmm, not seeing this with my use…

Can you define “little overloaded”?

When you have 30 emails at Unreplied or 30 emails scheduled, it keeps crashing

besides, in doesn’t synchronize with accounts, always missing an unred email or two from inbox

In order to get more people to respond to your issues, you may want to define your eM CLient setup… remembering that the more info you supply the easier it is for us help.

Trust me, I’ve made all possible setups, I don’t want someone to respond, I want them to see this and fix the issue… Why do you think they updated the client 3 times in a week? I’ve sent them at least 25 crashes till now

Good for you, you are a real godsend… if you did not want anyone to help let us know. Unless of course you enjoy wasting everyone’s time.

Now is crashing when is synchronizing

I’m not sure if this is the case to be unpolite. If you believe you know so many things and you can solve my issue, tell me what you need and I’ll give you, if not just let others

By the way… I am a volunteer trying to help, not an employee of eM Client and only step in when it is something I may be able to shine some light on.

I am sure your attitude will get hundreds of others to help…