Emclient 8 - Calendar font issue

I had a client of mine upgrade from emclient 7 to 8.

The font in the calendar appointments is really small. Looks like its a 8 or less? Also, Its white. Its very hard to read! How do I change this back to version 7 type?

I have looked thru all the settings for fonts and nothing there changes the calendar appointment font size. It changes everything else like the program fonts but nothing changes the text in the calendar appointment.


I also have 2 problems with the fonts in Calendar in version 8.

I prefer to run em client using the left hand half of my screen. This was fine in the old version, but the new version has very spacious calendar text which causes a serious problem and it’s not configurable.

  1. I can’t read the appointment details due to the wasted space around the text. There is room for an extra line of text above and below the text. The line spacing has a large gap and the space at the left and right sides is worth 2 or 3 characters.

  2. The weekdays at the top of each column disappear when the calendar is on half screen, you are just left with the date. There is plenty of space left to display the weekday, just no one has bothered to test it when they redesigned the calendar.

eM Client, please test the calendar using the a half the screen and fix the weekdays and make more use of the space in each appointment.

Having worked in the IT industry for many years, I recognise these sort of bugs/issues.

Sorry to hear about your problems also.

I have 8 licenses at a company I service and one of the clients did the upgrade. So, The calendar font is small and white. Its very hard to read. I have seen older posts about this and the canned response seems to be “We have no plans to change that”. So, Since their calendar is handled on the main server I plan on removing ver. 8 and going back to 7.

I guess this is going to be a short relationship here with emclient. Its too bad they cannot leave well enough alone and just concentrate on real issues. They could add the option for changing the fonts/ colors in the calendar end even. However, For some reason they do not want to even after some have complained. This leads me to believe that they do not see it as necessary to be able to read calendar events with out a lot of strain?

In all honesty, I might as well take my client back to Thunderbird Email Client because it does not have an issue doing that. Its even got plugins available and its free. Originally, I liked emclient because it was “easy on the eyes” at the time and seemed pretty snappy. Now half that equation is gone.

Too bad. I now have extra work to do this weekend rolling my clients back to 7.

best wishes,