eMClient 8 Beta Expired


I have been using eMClient 8 beta for a while. Today it has expired and stopped working.

What are the options? What do I do now? Is Stable version of eMClient 8 available already?

Hoping for a prompt response.

same with me. Is there any new update for continue with EmClient 8?

Go here for the last Release.

See Beta page

Says this about expiration

Please be aware that the Beta version will only be operational until June 30th, 2020 and you will have to update to a standard eM Client 8 version after that.
No license is required for testing - the Beta runs in a trial mode, so anybody can try it out freely.

Ah, thanks. I have been stuck on 8.0.926.0 for so long. Never got these updates from “Check for Updates”. Wasn’t aware have to download each update manually.