Emclient 7 forced upgrade breaks all accounts

eM Client 6 was the best email program and I recommended it to all of my clients. This new tactic of pushing v7 as an update to unsuspecting customers beats the scummy way that Microsoft has handled Windows 10 hands down.

The “upgrade” breaks ALL accounts for most of my clients.

It breaks shaw.ca and telus.net emails because neither Shaw nor Telus could sign a certificate properly if their lives depended on it. Saying that you need to connect to the right server is just moronic. IT IS NOT THE CUSTOMER’S FAULT.

EM Client 6 was the ONLY mail program (not counting the almost universally disliked Windows 8/10 native apps) that can synchronize calendars and contacts with Shaw or Zoho. The only way to synchronize calendars or contacts is through EAS, by changing the outlook server to the Shaw or Zoho server.  This has stopped working in V7, PLUS when you do the “upgrade” it deletes or neuters the accounts. It also fails for the certificate issue.

Add to that, I have to deal with calls from pro clients who got slammed to V7 by an “update”.

Oh… and thank-you for scheduling this for when I am on “vacation”.

Just a eM Client 6 Pro user here.  

Must be those using the free version of 6 getting pushed to 7.  I have a Pro license for version 6 and when I click on HELP/Check for Updates, I’m told my copy is up to date.  Guess that means I would have to pay for 7.  I think I will wait until the smoke clears…

sorry to hear about your problems, I assure you that v7 still supports all the same servers. The reason that the certificates don’t work is because version 7 is a new product, so for security measures, all certificates must be allowed anew. That is a normal, secure procedure - doing otherwise would be a much bigger issue.

However, you can download version 6 here.
We’ll be adding a new section for older version downloads to our website soon.


Yes this client is using a free account.  I have my paid account on my old computer because I just moved to a new computer but I couldn’t install emClient because you released v7 that day so it is in trial mode until I resolve these issues. 

When I get home from holidays I will try the check-for-updates there.

However, the problem of deleting accounts I have tracked down to the fact that v7 no longer supports EAS for email, only for contacts and calendars. The client had 2 EAS accounts. It broke one and completely deleted the other during the “upgrade” process.

V7 uses IMAP for email on EAS accounts. V6 used EAS for mail, contacts and calendars. Since imported accounts have no IMAP information, the account cannot send or receive mail, and none of the mailboxes are imported. Some accounts get deleted entirely.

The account must be re-entered and all mail needs to be downloaded again if offline caching is enabled (this could be 10s of thousands of emails).

I see what the problem is - were the accounts Hotmail/Outlook.com mail accounts?
The accounts using AirSync (not EAS) would have been discontinued soon either way - Microsoft is ending support for this protocol on all hotmail and outlook addresses are being moved to Exchange servers.
The workaround is to use the combination of IMAP and AirSync Calendars and Contacts (if AirSync hasnt been discontinued on this server yet) or set up the account manually as Exchange (if the account has been migrated already).
Or are thes enot Microsoft accounts?

Either way, version 6 will still be available if you prefer it.


Outlook.com is not the only service that uses EAS (Exchange ActiveSync, or what you call AirSync) as the only way to sync mail, contacts and calendars. Shaw.ca and Zoho are two others. 

EmClient v6 was the ONLY true email/contact/schedule program (not counting the hot mess that is windows 8/10 mail+people+calendar (Outlook 2016 doesn’t even do it right),  that did EAS plus CALDAV, CarDAV.

You simply set up an outlook.com account, then change the server to the right one (msync.zoho.com, wm.shaw.ca, etc. ) and it works.  Perfectly. 

In fact, EMClient v6 was so good that I have had clients have me install Parallels and Windows on their Mac just to run emClient because there is no email/contact/calendar program for the Mac that works with Zoho and syncs contacts and calendars.

Now I have a bunch of clients all  mad at  me for recommending emClient.

Has this been fixed yet? Can emClient again be setup with Zoho or Shaw using EAS?

No. It is now worse than ever. Em client is completely broken and they don’t give a rat’s hind quarter. Builds after June 2017 use hotmail OAUTH reguardless of the server address.

Emclient is now useless for new clients unless you have a copy of the may build and avoid all updates.

Believe it or not, the only functional mail client is the built-in mail of Windows 10 Creators Edition.

I believe it.

The mail app that ships with Windows 10 is the mail client I’m using now. It does half of what I need really well. emClient does the other half. It’s frustrating that emClient can’t get the things right which the free MS app does! :frowning:

I tested emClient about two years ago and concluded it wasn’t worth paying for. Now I think it’s really close to that point where I would pay for it, but this is a deal-breaker. I don’t understand how an email client that is designed to work for corporations, and which previously could sync with Zoho over EAS, can afford to let that capability break!

Getting this to work, and providing at least some Windows Integrationwould turn me into a paying customer. Alas, I agree, so far it doesn’t look like anybody at this company cares.

I AM a paying customer, and  I have a number of paying customers who are clients and it doesn’t matter to the EM Client  support or developers. They don’t get it and they don’t care. They don’t even know what EAS is and they say “It is not supported”.

The update  to  V7 was a  major inconvenience  because it broke a lot. It made you create a separate IMAP account for mail and an EAS account for contacts and calendars (because it does not honor the selection to save a copy of outgoing mail in the sent folder).  The June and July updates are an unmitigated didaster wih NO WORK-AROUND.

As a paying customer, aren’t you supposed to get VIP support, i.e. a decent explanation?

It’s hard to believe the emClient team said that they don’t support EAS when they clearly do (at least partially).

I’ve summed up my current understanding of the situation here:


EM Client is now officially the worst email client. They have effectively told everyone with shaw.ca or Zoho accounts to go an stuff themselves. Not a month goes by that I don’t get a service call from a client who inadvertently “upgraded” to a version of em client newer than May 2017 or accidentally “upgraded” to V7.

Not that I mind the money, I feel terrible that I recommended this piece of garbage and often wave the $150 fee to fix it. I now almost consider em-client to be malware (PUP-emclient) for continuous prompts to upgrade to a disastrous program.

Paid or free doesn’t matter, all users are treated equally bad and screwed over by these folks.

I should have run away when I saw that all versions of their installer are named setup.exe with no external product or version information.