emClient 7 BUGS: drafts are viewed as sent messages

I’m writing a draft of an email. Instead of being saved as draft, or just keep the window in which I’m writing the message open for further editing, emClient 7 decides abruptly the message has already been sent, and shows it in the conversation view as part of the conversation. This is really dreadful. What if you write something you don’t want to send yet?
Of course, you need to use another client to know if the message was indeed sent or not.

Windows 10, emClient 7

These are the issues I encounter about drafts.
I’m stil waiting an answer since 3 weeks.

Hello Gary,
while the Draft is added to the conversation view, if it still have the red ‘DRAFT’ written in the upper right corner and is still in your Drafts folder it has NOT been sent.
You do not need to check it in another Client - if it was indeed sent it would be removed from your Drafts folder and show up in your Sent folder.