emclient 7.2.34062.0. "Password required for [email protected]."

Google appears on Chrome as follows:

I choose “Allow” and I get this pop-up

It never completes.

I modified the email address for my privacy in these screen shots. Both windows show same email address (I may have mis-edited the addresses)
The email address in question is used for Google Calendar only. It’s also an alias for my regular Gmail email account. (Mail addressed to this address is forwarded by GoDaddy to my gmail.com email.Yes, I have 2 different Google accounts. EMClient has always handled them properly. Any ideas? Please advise.
Thank you.

BTW, Choosing  “Cancel” in either window, does not stop this process.

Hi Hal,

This is by now a wellknown bug see 

Just go to the 2nd post by Russel Markosky and the link to Release History

Before you install the new version ,make a backup of your present eM Client

Thank you.  I just installed 7.2.34208.0. So far all looks good.