emClient 64 bit for extra native security features access

Hi, I would like to suggest releasing a 64 bit version as even MS Edge Chromium (and WebView2) are already 64 bit and only a few programs of legacy software remain in “Program Files (x86)” folder.

There’s the added benefit of extra security afforded by 64 bit only features, which are especially useful for software that interacts with the wild internet, parsing all kinds of html in e-mails, which can look legitimate, come from legitimate contacts, and carry software exploits, (which in the past led to the demise of Internet Explorer etc, and secured Chrome as the uncontested leader in the browser market).

Now there are interesting releases from Microsoft such as WinUI 3 and .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) which seem to be the way forward and will allow emClient to release from one codebase to all platforms automatically, with full security features and store integration. I hope your team can consider this scenario as plausible, even desirable. Thanks.

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Very good idea, I support this!

lunes 15 agosto 2022 :: 1226hrs (UTC +01:00)

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I agree with 64bit

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There is no performance advantage to running eM Client as 64bit because the dominant operations are not CPU based. Any performance limit will be because of disk and network throughput.

eM Client uses .NET so recent CPU extensions can even be used in 32bit mode applications.

Can you explain what security features are not available?

I think customers are not the right people to ask, but to clarify, when I mentioned 64 bit only features, I meant the ones only available only to Windows 64 bit editions. If Windows has a way to propagate those security features to 32 bit user programs somehow, that’s maybe enough for now, but I still believe going 64 bit is a positive step.

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As far as I know the only difference is in the way the CPU handles data, but as eM Client operations are not dominantly CPU based, there is no real advantage.

Well not really, all the innovation is being done on 64 bit only, as far as I know 32 bit processor ISA is stuck in time.
Most if not all hardware/software security barriers are exclusive to 64 bit Windows OS, and not reachable by 32 bit editions of Windows.

Just ask your programmers team who build the releases.

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If Customers are not the right people to ask. Then good fellow who do you think is going to buy this software.