eMClient 6 - Outlook style reply header

Can we please have an option for MS Outlook style reply headers. The style used by eMClient look cheap and unprofessional:

Hi, in Tools -Settings - Mail - Replies and Forwards you can edit email headers to style you like.


I tried that, but there is no way to make it look like the Outlook style. eMClient should allow custom HTML script in the reply header.

this is not planned, what you have seen is all we have planned to implement.


Really? No HTML Support? I gave eM client a try back in 2012 when I posted this request for outlook style replies that was “under consideration” (https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…).

HTML support would have let us technical users do whatever we wanted with the headers and we’d all be off your back on this request.

The headers of eM client still look like the dogs supper and totally unprofessional and not worthy for use in my daily business operations. Implement HTML support, or beautiful outlook style headers, then we can talk about a bulk license purchase to replace our Outlook.

Uninstalled—Again after less than 10 minutes of being installed.

Hello, any possibility to implement outlook reply header with bold “From” “To” etc?

eM Client 8 is about to be released, so I doubt that the developers will be looking to introduce new features in version 6 at this time.

But you never know . . . :wink:

I don’t know coding but maybe it’s easy for the team to do tricky things about the request. I just need to repeat it again and again.
This is the only problem with my emails to customers when they use Outlook header.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but they stopped developing that version 4 years ago. Why would they now go back to developing version 6 when version 8 is about to be released?

Ok. I misunderstood something in the thread. I think it’s a feature not related to version but need attention.

I have eM Client Pro, and think it’s a great email programme, but the part that drives me nuts is that you can’t make the’ reply’ and ‘forward’ headers look professional like Outlook with a expanding line insert just above the headers. Reluctantly, because of this, I have been forced to return to Outlook as my primary email system. Is there any way in the eM Client version 9, which I have, to now customise the reply and forward headers to look like Outlook?

Robert L Watson