EmClient 6.0.2 stopped working

EmClient 6.0.2 stopped working 48 hours ago … on all of our company’s 10 PC’s. The program launches normally, no new mails can be sent /recieved.

Server settings are unchanged, Virus program / firewall on or off, no matter … WHAT?

i created a brand new e-mail account, webmail shows that it is working, emClient doesn’t download mails.

Latest Windows update not supporting version 6.0 ?

Wow! That version was replaced so many years ago! I am sure you must have your reasons for still using it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try uninstall and then download and install the version again from the Release History?

it’s been working perfectly so far … strange that it stoppped working on ALL computers at the same time 2 days ago. I’ll try to install a more recent version :slight_smile:

Wow amazing V6.x is still being used :slight_smile: Ps Probably the authentication methods used in the EMC v6.x are no longer supported on that particular mail server. So needs the later client versions.