emClient 10 Mac compatibility

So MacUpdater (program I use) noted an emClient 10 being available. I did the upgrade only to find out it was the beta BUT more importantly, it would NOT run on Catalina. Mac OS 10.15.7. Have you dumped us older Mac users???

Luckily I had the latest V9 installer and re-installed. Are you forcing me to move to Canary Mail?

Officially we only support the last 3 MacOS versions. So Monterey, Ventura and Sonoma.

We don’t support older versions, so can’t guarantee that eM Client will run on them.

You can try to install older versions of eM Client from the Release History that were around at the time we supported Catalina, so I think that will be one before June 2022. But if the last 9.2 release still works, you can also try that.

The issue with Catalina is that it doesn’t support newer .NET versions. I think it only supports up to .NET 6 which is what eM Client 9.2 uses.

eM Client 10 currently uses .NET 7, and will possibly migrate to .NET 8.

So unfortunately the older MacOS itself limits what software you can use.

Hi Gary, sorry for the delay in responding. Thank you for the detailed info. It seems as though current versions of ASP.NET Core Runtime 7.0.15 are available from Microsoft. Viewing the chart below, DOTNET 7 is supported on Catalina. Is it worth the agg of installing only to find out later that you’ve moved the app up to DOTNET 8 (which is not supported on Catalina)?

Anyone home? Trying to get an answer to my question frm a couple of days ago…

As I said, we don’t support Catalina. You will need to upgrade your MacOS in order to use eM Client 10.

10-4, thanks for the quick reply.