emClient 10 Auto Correct / Windows Spelling

I see emClient 10 still doesn’t have auto correct and also it doesn’t allow the windows spelling to be visible! Any chance to see auto-correct in v10 or at least work with Windows Spelling ? It’s a must!

Thank you

Do you have it enabled in Settings like in V9 ?

Yes. It just underlines with red that you miss spelled the word.
Windows has builtin suggestions which are better than the current spelling but it doesn’t work in emClient HTML editor.


Yes. It just underlines with red that you miss spelled the word

You then “right click on the red underlined words” which then normally gives you spelling suggestions in whatever language you selected in settings.

So when you right click the red wavy lines, does anything happen ? Do you get suggested words ?

I didn’t say it doesn’t work. I said:

  1. It doesn’t auto correct
  2. It doesn’t support Windows Suggestions
  1. It doesn’t auto correct

Ok sorry i though you meant it didn’t automatically suggest any misspelt words when you right clicked. Maybe then in a future version, depending on if there is enough users who also would want that feature.

  1. It doesn’t support Windows Suggestions

I guess that would depend on “if there is an api to use those”, and also if enough users would want that feature.

I imagine the below is what you would like added into eM Client.

Quote from above link:

“Enable text suggestions in Windows”

“Turn on text suggestions in Windows to quickly complete challenging words and continue working efficiently. As you type, suggestions appear above your cursor, and you can easily select the one you want. Words are predicted based upon your spelling; as you type more letters, new and more accurate suggestions appear”

“Enable text suggestions in Windows”
Yes, i have it enabled and it doesn’t work on emClient html mail editor. (it’s working on other apps)

You can also implement your own text suggestion.
Anyway it’s up to you to add it i don’t think it’s a much work to do that.

Thank you

I have a similar idea:
I think it also lacks an auto word suggestion function. There are programs like Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. These programs give you suggestions of possible words you might be typing next. For example, you press e, words beginning with an e, that are already in my written text, will be suggested.
This is extremely useful for me since I usually type long e-mails. My workaround for this is that I use VSC or N++ to type the paragraph and copy it into the email. It blocks my work flow because eM Client supports embedded images and the two other programs do not.


This be awesome feature for v10

Could it also possibly be added to the Import From Outlook feature as I have decades of auto corrects in Outlook and it made life so much easier when composing emails.