EMC won't load messages on the first load!


I have EMC 6.01

When I open EMC everything looks good. Till I try to view a message. The loading progress bar starts up and goes, and goes, and goes, for about a minute then the download message bar highlights, then I press that button then I get an error message. So I close out EMC and reopen it. And it’s as if nothing happened, everything is fine everything works. Well if this just happened once in a blue moon I would not be here complaining. It happens EVERYTIME I run EMC!!!

Anybody got a clue as to why???



Hi, is this happening in this version http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.197… too? Do you have your database in default location?

And what is written in that error message?


Hi Jan

I have EMC installed in the default directories! I didn’t change anything in that dept.
Version 6.0.19714.0 is the version I have.

I wish I had checked here 5 minutes ago I could have got a screenshot of the error. But what It does say is lost connection to server, please check your connection and try again, that’s it in a ball park anyway.

I uploaded 2 png files for your peruse. They are the same log file but one is a full length one the other is the last few errors. I’m not sure but this was the only log file I could find so not sure if this will help.

Also if I didn’t mention this before that I re-installed EMC 3 times with the same results! I made sure each time there were no entries in the reg file for EMC.

Also I get this same errors when I try to use my gmail account in EMC I also get errors that say can’t connect to my google account. SO I decided to skip that so I don’t use my google account in EMC anymore I just get way to many error messages when I do. So I just use my one pop account with timewarner.

When I come across the error again I’ll try to remember to grab a screen shot before I close the window. That will probably be tonight or tomorrow morning.



Hi Jan included find screen shot of error message!


I do not use IMAP!!! I use pop 3!!!

Go to Tools - Accounts - your account and tell me if you have POP3 or IMAP tab.

If you have created your account over automatic setup then you will have IMAP like is written in that error message.


This can be due to bad port/security policy setup.

Try these options for IMAP:

port: 143
security policy: Use SSL/TLS if available

port: 993
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Let me know if this helped.


This log shows that you have broken database. “no such table” means that it is missing.

make “for sure” copy of your current database, then delete original and let it synchronize again, it should work.