EMC V9 and Google Error 400 when Advanced Protection is active

So I activated Google’s Advanced Protection and now I get the ERROR 400 from Google. It would seem that my only choice at the moment is to get to my emails either through HTTP to the website or using of all things…Mozilla Thunderbird.

With Advanced Protection, I believe that app passwords no longer work so has anyone been able to get EMC working with Google emails when Advanced Protection is turned on??

EM Client doesn’t support Google’s Advanced Protection.

It does support 2 step Google verification (two factor) which will be required soon at Google.

Thanks…wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear but was the one I was expecting to hear. I have to believe that can be achieved in a future update since Thunderbird can do it. EMC just has to ask me for my Yubi key to validate, send that to Google and it should work…May have to push this one up to the future requests subject

We don’t support hardware keys, sorry.

Hey Gary,

I just wanted to second this. Please consider adding support for Google Advanced Protection (which requires hardware keys), as Thunderbird has done. Thanks.