EMC stops syncing every night at 2 am

Every morning when I check my mail the last message is around 2am in the morning (GMT). If I exit the application and restart all mails from 2am onwards appear. Not sure how to solve - have downloaded the latest (December update)

If this is happening regularly at that time, I suspect it may have something to do with your server. You might want to contact them.

Who is your email provider?

You will also find any error in Menu > Operations, then look in the Log tab for IMAP errors around that time.

Hi Gary, thank you for your input. I checked the log as you suggested but it doesn’t start until this morning around 9.30am when I closed/restarted EMC. I guess I need to check again tomorrow before closing/restarting. My E mail prover here in the UK is BT. I’ll let you know how I get on checking errors tomorrow. Thanks again, Phil

Yes, it clears the error log on restart, so you want to look at the log before you restart eM Client.

For some reason this morning it hadn’t stopped ! I’ll continue to monitor and see what happens,

Thanks for your help,


Just another update; seems to be ok now - for whatever reason ! So hopefully I wont’d need any more help or advice. Many thanks.

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Oh dear ! This morning the last message in my inbox is 02.51 gmt ( around the same time as the previous fault. I checked the IMAP log and it shows nothing exceptional at that time. In fact it continues to show synchronizing of each folder including inbox right through until the present time - but nothing update on my screen. If I log in directly to BT all the mails are there in my inbox. Is there anything else I should check for ? Many thanks.

If there are new messages, but the server is not pushing them to you, and there are no errors in eM Client, then this could be a server fault.

You might want to contact BT.