EMC and Gmail handling of sent emails with BCC to me

Q: Not sure if this EMC mirroring Gmail handling or vice versa?

ISSUE: If I send an email with BCC to myself, using the identical sender email address, so that I have a reminder of things to do in my Inbox, if I then move that copy of the email to a local folder for organisation, say by topic, then via the (free version of) EMC app and/or Gmail webmail, the sent item record disappears (is also not in All Mail records). (Note this is: IMAP set up)

It is as if the sent item and bcc email record are treated as one and there’s no record of it having gone to anyone else, i.e my third party!

I expect that this process should treat the two records separately. Moving a BCC record shouldn’t affect the sent item listed by third party recipient. I want to be able to search by sent to for what’s gone out and with this treatment, I have loads more emails with my email address as the primary sort to search thru’.

So question: is this EMC mirroring the Gmail handling or the reverse? Whichever is primarily at fault, I think it’s the wrong way of working! Can I change anything?


When you move the conversation to another account, in this case from the Gmail account to Local Folders, you move the whole conversation. That means all the sent and received messages in that conversation.

If you want to move just a single message that is part of a conversation, right-click in the message body and choose Move to Folder.

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@Gary , thanks for the feedback, but that wasn’t the explanation I was expecting. Not sure that I agree with this explanation either!

Just to double-check, are you saying that depending on how I move the email copy from my Inbox, will affect the other emails in the conversation - i.e. that if I use the right mouse submenu, I will get a different result to if I for example, just click and drag to a local folder?

I wasn’t expecting that I’d get different results for this two different actions! Until now I’ve used click and drag and/or the right mouse move to alternatives interchangeably and I’m sure I get the same results - everything disappears from sent folder as well as inbox copy.

So far I am sure that email handling doesn’t work in the way you describe - I don’t work with conversations. I think there’s a Gmail conversations display setting - this is off in my case. Just checked, in emC settings > Email > I have conversations - disabled.

So with that set up, I just tried again to move a BCC’d email copy from Inbox to local folder, using the right submenu. Result is that original sent email (which itself was a reply to an earlier one) has now disappeared. BCC email is in local folder. Earlier email (which if I understand conversations correctly), would be part of the same thread, is still unmoved, sitting in my Inbox.

So in short, sorry but I don’t think this explanation is correct. Any more feedback appreciated?

Well, if you had conversations disabled, then it is possible that there was only one message, which was displayed in both the Inbox and the Sent folders.

So I thought of a way to test some more what’s happening. I sent an email via my EmC client using another email account / service from another provider with BCC to my other non-Gmail account. This is a POP3 account not set up as IMAP.

When I move the BCC email from my Inbox to local folders, with this account the sent email remains present unlike with Gmail,

So I now conclude this is either an IMAP or Gmail feature - just annoying!

What does anyone else notice?

Another test to conclude, sending a similar BCC email from the Gmail web account to myself, i.e. not primarily using emC, still produces the same result when I remove the BCC mail from my inbox, i.e. in the Gmail web client the sent item (to anyone) disappears as well!

I personally don’t use POP accounts anymore, but Using IMAP, If i send an email (with Conversations disabled) from my eg: Yahoo IMAP account to my Outlook IMAP account and BCC my Gmail IMAP account, when the BCC email arrives in my Gmail Inbox, i move that to my Local Folders in eM Client and the original sent email (is still showing in my Yahoo sent folder).

Thanks @cyberzork! My conclusion is I think you see different results because the original email and so BCC, doesn’t originate in Gmail.
I posted here wondering if emC was processing these emails wrongly. But now I conclude it’s simply mimicking a Google “feature” - which I reckon wasn’t there in the past, as my sent emails didn’t disappear! So I need to query elsewhere or change wayof working.