Emailto: links are not handled by eM client

On Windows 10 when eM client is set as Default Email app then no browser mailto: links are handled, the app is not opening up, nothing happens visibly.
Staying on same pages, just setting Outlook as default email app and everythign works as it should, Outlook opens.

Actually eM client was never able to handle mailto: links for me ever :confused: using it for years on different windows hosts.

It is because eM Client has not been set as the default.

  1. Open your Windows Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
  2. Scroll to near the end and select Set Defaults by App.
  3. Select eM Client and choose Manage.
  4. Select the Mailto option, and set it to eM Client.

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Hi @Gary ,
Strange. I had all the protocols associated with em Client already as on your screenshot, all but .eml, which was set for Outlook even though I’ve switched back and forth between Outlook and em Client on the “main” Default Apps setting. It was not changing at all.
So decided to manually set every protocol for Outlook and then back to em and now the mailto events are handled properly.
So I guess somehow the registering was not happening even though it was shown that it’s set correctly.
Anyways, it’s working now, thank you!

You can also associate.eml files via right clicking on the .eml file and click open with and choose eM Client. Then reboot and should fix it.