Emails won't delete from trash

I have a couple emails in the trash bin that will not delete. I’ve tried everything to delete them, send them to junk mail but nothing works. How do I fix this?

Hi Katherine,
I encountered similar issue. If I delete e-mails from Trash folder in eM Client, they remains in Trash folder on the mail server. I can see it in web mail interface. I can delete them using web mail.
I don’t know which version is affected but I am sure it didn’t happen in older versions.
I think it is issue from nonpublic verzion 8.0.3434
Which version do You use?

@Katherine Sounds like either an older possible Beta version of Emclient you have or your ISP server mailbox has an issue or problem with it.

Check that you are using the latest Emclient version for PC or Mac via the following page

If you are using the latest version of Emclient, then go online to your mailbox (via your ISP webpage) and delete the email in the trash there. Then close and reopen Emclient & you should be fine. If you cannot delete the mail in the trash via your ISP webpage, contact your ISP technical support for help.

I currently are using the latest Emclient for PC and Mac with a eg Gmail and Live mail account and can delete mail in the trash ok. I don’t think it’s an issue with Emclient itself.

Yeah, there were issues some users had with the Trash not syncing properly with Gmail and Exchange servers. So it could be that if not using the latest version.

It could also be a corrupted folder. If you right-click on the Trash folder and choose Properties > Repair that will resync the folder with the server. Then try the delete again and see what happens.

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I actually encountered the same issue today.

First I tried to right-click on the trash folder, then Properties and then Repair. Didn’t work.
Also tried to delete the mails vie webpage. Didn’t work as well, they were not there. Only in EM Client.

The last option (with gnashing of teeth) worked. I removed the account with the particular emails stuck in trash from EM Client and then added it again.
I’d say it’s an EM Client issue, as these trashed mails were already gone on the website.

The issue is not resolved neither in ver. 9.1.2109
I think it will relate to protocol (IMAP ?) and involved mail server brand.
There should have to be an option like “purge deleted messages”. I have seen it somewhere but I can’t remember where.
I can delete the deleted messages in trash directly in the webmail interface.

It is true, em client does not empty trash on exit, unless you read emails on the trash it will not delete them. i am on the latest version but still it does not empty.