Emails vanishing


We are getting emails which seem to just disappear. We try search for them in the system with no luck so we have to ask the recipient to re-send back to us. So we can see there has been the email sent, it just vanishes from em client

Any advice?


When emails just disappear automatically from the Inbox that usually means either:-

You may have setup rules that automatically move messages to another folder in eM Client when they arrive in the inbox. So click “Menu / Rules” and you will see a drop-down at the top that lets you select between Local & Server rules Check both options for any rules setup.


The other reason is you may have another device or computer configured with the same email account, which then is deleting messages off the server so they disappear automatically off your computer shortly after arriving in the inbox. So check all your other devices & computers to see if they are configured for your same email account.