Emails started appearing in Junk?

In the last week or so I have had a number of instances where emails are appearing in my Junk which should not be marked as Junk. Some from people who are existing contacts, some which I have replied to and then the return reply has gone into Junk?

Any idea how I stop this? 

It really depends on what is responsible for moving them to Junk.

  1. Your server’s spam filtering. If the messages have been moved to Junk before eM Client syncs, then the server is responsible and you will need to change some settings in the web interface for your email account. 

2. Your server has identified them as spam and not moved them, but eM Client has. If the server has marked the messages as spam by adding the spam header to the message, then the Spam Rule will be responsible for moving them to Junk. You cannot edit that Rule, which you will find in Menu > Tools > Rules, but you can untick it so it is not active.

  1. You have a Blacklist to which you have added their address or domain. The Blacklist you will also find in Menu > Tools > Rules. If it is not there, it does not exist, so that’s not the cause. If it is there, you can modify the Rule to check if the address or domain is listed in the Rule. If it is, edit the Rule.