Emails Sent with Black Background in Windows 8

eM Client 4.0.15145.0

Upgraded my computer to Windows 8 Pro. eMClient now sends my emails out with a black background making the emails impossible to read. I’ve tried changing my background color for outgoing emails to White and that did not resolve.

Can you please send an email directly to me at Thank you.


this problem is caused by your signature which contains some unusual characters. We recommend you to create the signature again and use the “Remove formatting” button when copying the text of the signature from Outlook.

I redid my signature from scratch an it now works.
What I don’t understand is that the signature hasn’t changed in a year and had no problems until I upgraded my OS to Windows 8.

Also, there is no “remove formatting” button in the signature form.

Only solution that works for me is to set Template to “Not selected” for each option.

Mervyn, I didn’t seen anything unusual for characters, but I ended up just recreating a new signature and that did it.

I re-created the signature but I also have 3 templates and even though I re-created each, selecting any of them gave me the black background. I have selected the re-created signature and it works fine but try and use any template and I get the black background.

I just installed eM Client on Windows 8 / 64bit and planned to buy the Pro license after evaluation but had to discover that any email I send based on a template is sent with a black background.

I removed all templates and just created one template with the word ‘TEST’ (without formatting, typed, not pasted). Still the same problem… please fix!

Set template to “Not Selected” s the only way I found to remove the black background.

I don’t have any template selected by default but I do want to use a template every once in a while by using ‘New’ -> ‘Mail…’ -> ‘Template’ to write a specific mail.

Mervyn, what you are suggesting is just not to use templates?

@eM Client support: can you reproduce the bug? As a temporary workaround, could I set up a mail template as a ‘signature’ and just select this signature when I want to write a mail based on a template? Or does this have other consequences?

this should be already fixed. Download eM Client 5.0 RC and let me know if it helps.…

Works for me, thank you…

Works like a charm! Thanks!