Emails sent via Gmail Alias being reported as SPAM

When sending emails via an Alias in my Gmail account through EMClient a high number of my mails are marked as SPAM.
When sending using the exact same alias directly in my gmail account through a browser, the emails are sent fine.
I can only add one image as a new user, so here is the one sent via emclient. When sent via Gmail web I get a score of 10/10

I can confirm that this problem still exists with emails sent from aliases of a Gmail account only when sent via eM client:


  • main.account (at) gmail
  • alias (at) otherdomain set as “set from” in Gmail UI using SMTP server.


  • email sent as alias (at) otherdomain from the Gmail web ui is correctly sent using otherdomain SMTP server. SPF, DMARC and DKIM = pass. Mail is sent to inbox of recipient.

  • email sent as alias (at) otherdomain (Gmail alias) from eM client is sent using the SMTP server directly. Results: SPF, DMARC and DKIM = fail or unknown. Mail ends up in Junk.

Is this an issue on your end or is something done incorrectly by Gmail?

Thanks for the update, I sadly had to give up on Emclient because of this issue.