Emails sent to Myself are Not in Inbox

Sometimes I send myself a message to remember important things, but I never receive them in my inbox, even though they are in the sent box. Any suggestions? Anyone else have this problem? Please advise.

Any chance your email address is in the Rules > Blacklist?

Yes! That was the problem, but how would that happen? I didn’t change any setting. You are a genius!

I have no idea how it would happen but am very glad you have a resolution. Enjoy…

I am still having this problem?
When I send an email to myself it comes into the “INBOX” then it just diappears? It is in the SENT but will not stay in the INBOX
I have checked the rules and there are no rules set for my email address?
Sent pictures from my phone to my email address and they come into INBOX and they disappear but they show in SENT?

Any ideas?

When email comes into eMC it goes into the INBOX and then get processed by the rules. Rules don’t necessarily have to have an email address associated with them… it could be a word(s) in subject line or word(s), etc in other parts of the email.

Did you look for the emails that “disappear” in any of the folders you have set up in eMC?

Yes I have and not there? Here is what I just did;

Removed all of my rules.
Sent the test email from myself to myself using mu account
the TEST email showed up in INBOX and as I was looking at it disappeared?
Showed in SENT
When I open the email in SENT is automatically goes to TRASH???

Has to be a ghost!!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

WOW, definitely a ghost :smiley:

If I were you, and you feel comfortable doing so, I would try an uninstall/install, ensuring that you do not delete the database during the uninstall.

(1) Backup
(3) Install the version of choice from


Well I may have found the problem? I found my email was blacklisted on my Ipad?? Not sure why this would affect EMC but when I removed email from blacklist on Ipad and email sent to me from my account now stays in the INBOX???

Thanks for all your help on this!