Emails removed from Trash folder after 3-4 days

I’m using eM Client version 8.1.1054
IMAP to Spectrum server

I believe that Spectrum is removing the emails from my Trash folder after several days.

To allow me to save these deleted emails I’ve been trying without success to get emclient to put my deleted emails in a folder other than Spectrum’s Trash folder.

To accomplish this, I have followed suggestions in this forum to uncheck (in my account/ imap tab) “Automatically detect special folder names” and change the name of the "Trash folder to the name of a folder I have created within the folders for my account. It appears other users have successfully done this, but in my case emclient doggedly puts the deleted messages in the Tash folder. And, yes, I have closed and reopened emclient after making and saving the changes. What am I missing here? Can explain to me how this rerouting of these special folder is done by emclient?

Can you give a screenshot of your special folders in the Spectrum IMAP settings?

You may also need to find out from Spectrum what folder naming convention they use. For example a sub-folder of Inbox called 1, might be written as INBOX.1

Even so, I tried to change my own Trash destination (with another provider) to a non Trash folder on the server, and it doesn’t work.

Can you not configure the retention time for Trash on your server? Several days seems to be a bit harsh!

There is no provision to change the trash retention time in Spectrum.
However, in recreating and gathering your requested information, I noticed some additional symptoms.

First, my emclient imap settings:

For this test, on emclient, I created a test email to myself and then deleted it. The deleted email did go to the “Deleted” folder on the Spectrum server. The Trash folder on Spectrum is empty.

Now the kicker. I see no “Deleted” folder on emclient but the deleted test message ends up in the Trash folder on emclient.

Kicker #2. When I try to create a “Deleted” folder in emclient, it tells me it is already there (somewhere). It seems to be invisible.

Can you understand what’s going on?

Just different terminology. Some providers/applications call it Deleted, some call it Trash, some call it Bin.

The Deleted folder on Spectrum is mapped to the Trash folder in eM Client.

So, then, I seem to back to square on again. The problem I’m trying to solve is the removal of deleted messages by Spectrum in 3 days. I want to archive them before Spectrum can get rid of them. Any idea how I can do that in emclient?

Maybe your solution is not to delete them in the first place if you intend to keep them.

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No. Our intention is to delete them, but we have found that often there are instances when it is useful to go back to deleted emails if circumstances change and we need to find some information that was in a deleted email. I do save emails in folders that I expect to need later, but sometimes you just don’t know for sure. I really would like to archive them somehow. It’s possible I will be forced to go back to Thunderbird and forget about emclient if I can’t find a way to do this.